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NAEP – About Us

The National Association of Equipment Providers (NAEP) was inaugurated in 1999 as a ‘not for profit organisation’ and as an unincorporated association to represent members in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

An Executive Committee was formed, making the initial contact and establishing communication links with equipment services within the UK and the formation of the national network of regional groups that we have today.

NAEP adopted a new structure in 2007 with the NAEP Council replacing the former Executive Committee, together with the introduction of Special Interest Groups and the empowerment of the membership in the development and future direction of the Association.

The Association’s main governance document is the Constitution & Standing Orders which sets out how the Association operates, how decisions are made and the procedures that are followed to ensure the Council is efficient, transparent and accountable the membership.

The National Council is responsible for ensuring that robust systems are in place for the management of the key areas of the associations business.

  1. Governance

To provide effective governance that ensures the business of the organisation provides clarity and is transparent to all members.

  1. Operational

To ensure the operational services of the organisation are managed in an effective and efficient manner.

  1. Financial

To develop a proactive approach to business planning and financial forecasting and to ensure external audit takes place of NAEP’s finance and Business is carried out.

  1. Services to Members

To continually develop the range of services to fulfil member’s expectations

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The NAEP Council

The NAEP Council is composed of eleven serving Council Members, covering fourteen Council Posts, with some Council Members at present holding more than one Council post.

Council Members holding dual posts are representative of an internal sector of the Association in addition to holding a post that facilitates the external representation of NAEP; these are Special Interest /Operations Group Chairs and the Healthcare Representative

Of the eleven current serving Council Members, nine of the post holders volunteer their time to the work of NAEP and are actively fulltime employed within Community Equipment provision, Commissioning and Governance and continues to promote the aims and objectives of the organisation.

There are two paid Council posts, they are held by a part time Membership Administrator and a full time Service Development Officer.

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Council Posts and Post Holders from 16th June 2015



Post Holder:



Jean Hutfield


Vice Chair

Wendy Lambie



John Glover


Health Representative [3]

Jean Hutfield


Education Representative [1]


Clinical Representative [2]

Frances Kent


NAEP Council Associated Services Representative

Lynda Miller


Regional Coordinator – England


Regional Coordinator - Scotland

Michael Law


Regional Coordinator - Wales


Conference Operations Group – Vice Chair

Jean Hutfield


Communications Group – Chair

Jean Hutfield


Education Special Interest Group – Chair [1}



Clinical & Prescriber SIG – Chair [2]

Frances Kent


Membership Administrator

Rose Glover


Service Development Officer

Wendy Lambie


Honorary Legal Advisor

Anne Reed

[1] The post of Education Representative is currently vacant until NAEP AGM 2016
[2] Frances Kent has been re-elected to this post for a term of office of 1 year, from June 2015 – to NAEP AGM 2016
[3] Jean Hutfield has been re-elected to this post for a term of office of one year, from June 2015 – to NAEP AGM 2016

NAEP is aligned with organisations that offer services and support to the statutory and private sector community equipment providers.

NAEP’s remit will continue in:

  • The promotion of our members interests in the national policy making arena and to form partnerships with like-minded organisations to support the development of the organisation and its services.

  • Managing, interpreting and disseminating information both within the organisation and externally that will promote the interest of our members.

  • Working closely with all Government bodies and associated partners throughout the United Kingdom to ensure that policy changes are informed by evidence

NAEP Patron and Parliamentary Advocate:

NAEP will continue to actively source a Patron and a Parliamentary Advocate and this section will be updated.


NAEP Council Meeting Dates 2013

Meeting Date
Council Meeting 29 April 2014
Joint Meeting Council / Regional Chairs 31 July 2014
Council Meeting 29 October 2014
Joint Meeting Council / Regional Chairs 21 January 2015


British Red Cross photograph supplied by Anthony Upton (British Red Cross)

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