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NAEP – Aims and Objectives

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Our Aim and Objectives underpin the work of the Association at a National and Local Level

Our Aim is:

To support and share good practice to all members across the UK in the provision of equipment.

Our Objectives are:

  1. To provide a service to all groups working within the community equipment services; including management, clinical, administration, decontamination and logistics

  2. To receive and interpret Government Papers.

  3. To inform members of all new legislation and white papers for both Health & Social Care

  4. Where appropriate to discuss any draft Health & Social Care Government Papers and make recommendations on behalf of members.

  5. To broaden the knowledge base of the Association members through education and information services.

  6. Promoting fellowship between service providers through the formation of Regional Groups and Special Interest Groups whose activities network across the UK.

  7. To strengthen links between members, users, carers and other complimentary services throughout the UK.

  8. Identifying future needs for the supply of community equipment services to users.

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