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The Cauldron is Bubbling.....

NAEP National Annual Conference 2018

NAEP National Annual Conference Speakers this year include: Roy Lilley (Chair), Paul Burstow, Michael Mandelstam, Renzo Andrich and Anne Reed.

The indicators are that the ‘Cauldron’ is very much Bubbling for everyone in the health and social care sectors.

With an ever increasing population that is becoming increasingly healthy, but equally resulting in an increased demand on NHS and Community Equipment provision. Life expectancy is increasing by five hours a day* - there is now an on-going necessity for advances in medicine and the continued development and use of technology in these key areas to care for patients under Health and Social Care, and provision from Community Equipment Services.

* Office for National Statistics. National Life Tables 2016.

Vastly improved life expectancy, one of the great triumphs of the last century, looks set to be one of great challenges of this one. Between 2015 and 2020, over a period when the general population is expected to rise 3%, the numbers aged over 65 are expected to increase by 12% (1.1 million); the numbers aged over 85 by 18% (300,000); and the number of centenarians by 40% (7,000)**.


The UK has an ageing population, incurring significantly more expenditure as we all age! This in turn has to be managed against the strain of cuts to health care budgets. Pressure is also created by increased public demand for accessible personal care and the ready availability of social care. While financially, the NHS remains a melting pot, as we struggle to secure the future of the NHS whilst remaining cost-efficient.

There is a growing recognition for the need for a shift from a healthcare system geared towards reablement that is more community based, with a preventative approach, leaving hospital-based treatment of acute conditions only.

As we head towards the key markers for 2020, what is really important to you?

How well integrated are your services? By making community-based care the central focus of the system it can drive integration forward as a national initiative – and by overcoming the obstacles of the different funding incentives for the NHS and local authorities, other Government policy priorities competing with the integration agenda, and the challenges of integrating different workforce cultures, progress can be made.

Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) and accountable care systems (ACSs), offer a promising vehicle to drive the changes that are needed, with plans already developed and in place to strengthen community services and improve population health.

A shift in focus is needed across the health and care system as a whole, transforming from a system centered on hospitals to a system focused around communities and community services.

Training provision – a declining luxury for many professionals – but what are the implications? How do professionals ensure they have access to essential skills training in their roles?

Fettering for discretion – a not to be missed high impact presentation on all you need to know.

Experience the heat in the comfort of the Conference Auditorium as Anne Read stokes up the heat in delivering ‘Court Room Scenarios’.

The above is just a taster of what NAEP Conference 2018 has to offer you.

NAEP Conference will provide delegates with the insight to enable the better use of available resources in the face of ever rising demand and ongoing change in providing a seamless health and social care service.

If you are currently feeling the heat, book your place at NAEP National Annual Conference 2018 (where our esteemed speakers and presenters from the healthcare and associated sectors) will provide you with the guidance and insight to help you keep the lid on the bubbling caldron.

NAEP Conference 2018 has an educational based programme, committed to providing delegates with real solutions, evidenced based outcomes and the sharing of best practices.

We have an extensive supporting exhibition for the duration of the conference which will showcase the latest products and services from our exhibiting partners, including Suppliers, Manufacturers, Voluntary and the Retail Sectors – To view all our supporting exhibitors, click on the link here: Exhibitors.

NAEP Conference is CPD accredited with the College of Occupational Therapists.


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British Red Cross photograph supplied by Anthony Upton (British Red Cross)

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