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The National Association of Equipment Providers (NAEP) was inaugurated in 1999 as a ‘not for profit organisation’ and as an unincorporated association to represent members in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

An Executive Committee was formed, making the initial contact and establishing communication links with equipment services within the UK and the formation of the national network of regional groups that we have today.

NAEP adopted a new structure in 2007 with the NAEP Council replacing the former Executive Committee, together with the introduction of Special Interest Groups and the empowerment of the membership in the development and future direction of the Association.

The Association’s main governance document is the Constitution & Financial Instructions which sets out how the Association operates, how decisions are made and the procedures that are followed to ensure the Council is efficient, transparent and accountable the membership. This document will be updated in due course.

NAEP Patron and Parliamentary Advocate
NAEP will continue to actively source a Patron and a Parliamentary Advocate and this section will be updated.

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