The NAEP Council

The NAEP Council is composed of eleven serving Council Members, covering fourteen Council Posts, with some Council Members at present holding more than one Council post.


The National Council is responsible for ensuring that robust systems are in place for the management of the key areas of the associations business.

  1. Governance
  2. To provide effective governance that ensures the business of the organisation provides clarity and is transparent to all members.

  3. Operational
  4. To ensure the operational services of the organisation are managed in an effective and efficient manner.

  5. Financial
  6. To develop a proactive approach to business planning and financial forecasting and to ensure external audit takes place of NAEP’s finance and Business is carried out.

  7. Services to Members
  8. To conduct all such other lawful processes that will further the attainment of the aims and objectives of the organisation.

Terms of Reference

Download the 2021 NAEP Council Terms of Reference pdf by clicking here.

Council Members

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Jean Hutfield - NAEP Council Member

Jean Hutfield

NAEP Chair/Treasurer/Health Representative/Conference Operations Group – Vice-Chair/Communications Group Chair

Executive Team

Jean has worked in the NHS for 47 years and has been involved in Equipment for 40 of those years. She has been Head of Operational Services that included Community Equipment Services and also Commissioner of Community Equipment Services in West Cheshire. Jean now works at Alder Hey Children’s Foundation Trust, whilst also sitting on the Medical Devices Committee, she is also a Director of the National Association of Medical Devices Educators & Trainers (NAMDET).

Jean has been involved in NAEP since its conception when it was Equipment Service Providers. The first NAEP Conference took place at the Heartlands in Birmingham in 1997, it became the National Association of Equipment Providers (NAEP) a not for profit organisation in 1999 and her membership number is 17. She truly believes that Community Equipment Services are at the heart of keeping people in their own homes and also allowing patients to be discharged in a safe way.

Jean has had the privilege to be the Chair of NAEP since July 2007, she finds it to be a very rewarding position and has met a lot of interesting people, Jean hopes to spend many more years as Chair.

Debra Attwood - NAEP Council

Debra Attwood

Membership Administrator/Secretary

Executive Team

Debra has worked within the Health and Social Care sector for 32 years and recently retired from her role as CCG lead Commissioning Manager for the integrated equipment service in Bedfordshire. She has been an active member of NAEP for 20 years, was Chair of the NAEP Eastern Regional Group for over 14 years and has been a member of the NAEP Council for 7 years.
Debra is currently working part-time as the Membership Administrator / Secretary for NAEP.

Susan Heap - Council Member

Susan Heap

Social Care and CERA Representative

Executive Team

Susan is one of the NAEP Executive Group, CERA Lead for NAEP and Social Care rep on the Council. She is a self-employed Occupational Therapist based in the Northwest of England and has been a member and supporter of NAEP since 2007.
Susan was a manager and then commissioner of equipment services in Cheshire from 2004.

Frances Kent - Council Member

Frances Kent
RGN / Queens Nurse

Chair of Clinical and Prescriber Support SIG since inception in 2007

Francis is Clinical Nurse Specialist Lead for a Specialist Clinical Equipment Resource Team and Community Equipment Service in Buckinghamshire.
In post since September 1995 providing advice and expert assessments for community equipment provision for complex needs of clients. Provides training for all users of the Community Equipment Service to facilitate safe and proper use of equipment, including the technical and theoretical aspects of the equipment prescribed. Additionally, in conjunction with the provider and clinicians develops processes, policies, and guidance in relation to risk assessments, suitability of the equipment and the environment.

NAEP – Council member since it was formed. Now in process of writing 4th guidance document. Attended every conference since they started.

Lynda Miller - Council Member

Lynda Miller

Associated Services Representative

Lynda is the NAEP Representative on the Council for Associated Services. The role was previously for the voluntary sector only, but it was revised in 2019 to ensure that NAEP was all-inclusive and representative of the whole of the equipment sector. Associated Services include the Voluntary Sector and any other Non-NHS organisation which helps and supports the supply, repair, demonstration and distribution of items of medical equipment.

Lynda has recently retired from the British Red Cross, where she was the Senior Service Manager for the equipment loan service covering East Anglia (Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire). Lynda now carries out any work for NAEP from her home.

Anne Findlay - Scottish Regional Chair

Anne Findlay

NAEP Scottish Regional Group Chair & Regional Coordinator Scotland

Aurndra Golden - North West Regional Chair

Aurndra Golden

NAEP North West Regional Group Chair

Sarah Windsor

Sarah Windsor

NAEP Midlands Regional Group Chair

Sarah Docksey (nee Bailey) - Trent Regional Chair

Sarah Docksey (nee Bailey)

NAEP Trent Regional Group Chair

Bridget Gaynord - Eastern Regional Chair

Bridget Gaynord

NAEP Eastern Regional Group Chair

Anita Rush - South East Regional Chair

Anita Rush

NAEP South East Regional Group Chair

Anne Reed

Honorary Legal Advisor

NAEP is aligned with organisations that offer services and support to the statutory and private sector community equipment providers.

NAEP’s remit will continue in:

  • The promotion of our member’s interests in the national policymaking arena and to form partnerships with like-minded organisations to support the development of the organisation and its services.
  • Managing, interpreting and disseminating information both within the organisation and externally that will promote the interest of our members.
  • Working closely with all Government bodies and associated partners throughout the United Kingdom to ensure that policy changes are informed by evidence.

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