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The CERA Accreditation is a national accreditation for retailers of equipment for people with disabilities. It was previously known as CED and was founded in 2007.

CERA members include experts in the field of equipment provision. It is a ‘not for profit’ organisation and is responsible for the development, introduction and operation of the national scheme for high street equipment retailers, designed specifically to clearly identify those retailers offering the highest standards of service delivery to those with specialist equipment needs.

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CERA became an integral part of NAEP in 2020, with all the benefits of both organisations available to members (see membership section for details).

The CERA Board works closely with committed retailers to promote and support excellence in equipment provision. Only those retailers that satisfy CERA registration’s standards of service provision will be awarded accreditation status and be eligible to display the CERA logo in their store and on their vehicles.

One of the Board’s primary objectives is to benefit people whose lives will be enhanced by access to high-quality support, advice and information about equipment designed to promote independence and increased mobility. Retail is a very important piece of the jigsaw which is the availability of equipment to the public and complements statutory provision.

There are many benefits to retailers which come with membership of CERA click here to find out more, including discounted membership of the Federation of Small Businesses, discounted access to Disabled Living Foundation training and your details on Ask Sara, and many more.

CERA Benefits
CERA Invites

CERA invites all retailers to get involved in the organisation. They are asked to tell CERA what support they need and any additional benefits they think will help their businesses moving forward.

CERA has processed several arbitration requests (one of the many benefits of membership), with successful outcomes.

There is also a Code of Practice available to CERA members, which can be displayed to the public, adding even more confidence in the service provided.

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The decision to integrate CERA membership with NAEP means that each of the shops will still be members of CERA. This will be linked to NAEP but allows each of the Retailers to retain the special CERA benefits. The annual fee is at a total cost of £116.30 + VAT per shop and covers the £70.00 CERA membership per shop and one NAEP Individual category 1 named member at £46.30. We have also included the NAEP benefit for these individual members, which is to have access to the Regional Group Meetings and the Annual Conference. Membership runs annually from 1st January to 31st December.

We will also be inviting any additional people in each of the shops to become individually named members of NAEP at £46.30 + VAT pa so that they can enjoy the benefits of being a NAEP member, which again will include access to regional group meetings and the annual conference.

Contact CERA now on:
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