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Conference Chair Welcome

Lord Chris Rennard MBE

Remote OT Assessments Technology with Adapt & Live

Deborah Bell

Aurndra Marshall-Clarke

Four Nations Updates from England, N.Ireland, Wales & Scotland

What has been happening locally around the UK, the team each give a first-hand breakdown from their nation with a Q&A at the end.

Fiona Wasdell-Bowyer – England

Shane Elliott – Northern Ireland

Adam Foale – Wales

Thomas Gahagan – Scotland

An effective Collaboration To Facilitate an Innovative Recycling Project (Belief in Action)

In an innovative collaboration with a UK charity, Medequip has reduced its scrapping rates, improved its recycling rates and demonstrated exceptional consideration of its social and environmental impact.

The charity, Belief in Action, working with disabled children and adults in Romania, uses a loan scheme model to ensure donated equipment is ongoingly recycled. Additionally, they focus on upskilling the local Romanian team to develop self-sustainability in the appropriate provision of items.

The UK would do well to review its equipment recycling potential. However, this unique model provides an opportunity for other providers to reduce waste and benefit those for whom such equipment is completely unobtainable.

Elke Small

Susanna Davies

Michaela Harris

Are you Lying Comfortably: An Introduction to Sleep Posture in a sustainable service model.

Whilst it is accepted that an individual requires suitable seating to support posture at work and at home, there is little consideration for posture at night and sleep surface when we are sleeping and moving in bed. Including sleep posture within sleep-surface/equipment decisions could improve outcomes, reduce carer burden, and defer expensive equipment provision. This session will introduce attendees to the principles of sleep posture for their own wellbeing and provide insight into the impact on sustainability for the workforce and the economy.

Louise Rogerson MCSP

Equipment Matters: ‘cos people matter’

Personal stories about the importance of equipment to people living their lives. Participants share their own experiences and perspectives. How the Equipment Matters group aspires to inform and challenge the equipment sector. Discussion about coproduction and collaboration and the impact it can have. Questions and answers.

Equipment Matters

Morning Workshops

Buckinghamshire – Single Handed Care, Past, Present and Future

Tom Judge

Sustainability and Community Equipment Services– the Four ‘R’s of sustainability , or is it Five R’s? or six or seven?

In 1987, the United Nations Brundtland Commission defined sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” A lofty goal for an equipment service. Maybe not fully achievable in the present for CES, however,  what are we all doing to make our services more sustainable.? Join us to look at what is worthwhile and when is it simply greenwashing? Come and discuss the Four (or more) Rs around more sustainable practices and share ideas. By sharing ideas, by re-thinking, re-using, re-gifting and recycling what we are all already doing we may be able to make some forward steps to being more sustainable in the near future.

Bridget Gaynord

Rachel Hutchinson

Tissue Viability / Smoking Clinical Workshop

To look at how Notts developed a range of pressure surfaces specifically for smokers and vapers and how the services adapted to improve patient safety. Includes information on system changes and guidance for prescribers.

Ewa Szymanis

Sarah Docksey

Optimising portable ramp options in a loan equipment store

The session addresses how a community equipment loan store team can optimise their core list of ramps to a rationalised range of options that are easy to specify, easy to use, and achieve long-term cost reductions through increased recycling and fewer specials. The session also looks at ways to achieve fast-track access solutions for clients who are waiting for (or don’t qualify for) the Disabled Facilities Grant process.

Neil Smith

Equipment Matters: ‘cos people matter’

The importance of community equipment to people and their everyday life. – Presentation from the Equipment Matters Group – how we got here and what we are trying to achieve – coproduction in action. Key issues people who use equipment feel passionate about. Exploring how delegates already work with people who use equipment and what they could do in the future.

Equipment Matters

Afternoon Workshops

A Year on – optimising care project regarding the use of equipment and the savings in other budgets, have we really done what we set out to achieve?

The pressure of being unable to source care, the increase in complexity of people’s moving and handling needs, and the workforce skill set is having an increasing impact on the cost of care.

In Norfolk we have launched a project to expand our Moving with dignity team to really tackle these issues. To be successful in managing the cost of care budget, we are using a tracker to evidence the cost of equipment in supporting optimal care. We will be sharing our experience and findings over the last year.

Faye Gower-Smith

Amy Phelan

Reorganising a LA lead CES in a new Unitary Authority, including urban and very rural areas.

Westmorland and Furness Council is newly formed Unitary Authority made up of half of what was Cumbria County Council. I used to run the Equipment Service for Cumbria. The challenge now is that we have to deliver using half the resource, but the extreme rural nature of the area has led us to look at some creative responses for delivering equipment there, quickly. I’d like to share these ideas and also discuss other authorities practice with the same challenges.

Tom Burden

Transforming Pressure Area Care provision: The Environmental and Clinical Benefits of the Nest solution

Nest technology stands as a pioneering solution in pressure care, offering not only clinical effectiveness but also unparalleled environmental advantages. At the heart of its innovation lies a comprehensive decontamination and recycling solution, setting it apart from standard foam mattresses. This complete system encompasses Nest cushions and mattresses, alongside an MDD compliant washer-disinfector, providing a sustainable process alternative to the prevalent landfill or incineration practices.

Nest technology represents a paradigm shift in the approach to pressure area care and microclimate management, marrying clinical efficacy with environmental responsibility. Its innovative design and sustainable practices not only benefit patients but also underscore the importance of ecological stewardship in healthcare.

Michael Sullivan

Diane Hargrove

Emerging roles in assessing for equipment

Growing demand for equipment, pressure on resources and the trend to remote assessment are leading to a gap in face-to-face assessments for equipment. There are signs of several new roles, this talk will share examples, including:

  • Installer / Assessor
  • Retailer / Assessor
  • Assessors in care settings
  • Reablement / Discharge to Assess

In this interactive workshop, we will summarise that there are a range of roles around the older and disabled person that are ideally placed to notice needs and identify equipment solutions. Once qualified to a national standard, local structures can be transformed to make use of these new roles.

Clare Barber

Janet Seward

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