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It is so easy to complete your application online and speeds up the processing of your application. To access the application form please click here.

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Existing Memberships: During the renewal period for the subscription year commencing on the 1st January 2021 to the 31st December 2021, you will be receiving your invoice soon – it is important that your renewal invoices are submitted for payment at the earliest to ensure the continuity of your membership.

Please be aware that your membership will need to have been renewed prior to making a NAEP Conference booking and to enable you to take advantage of any Early Bird rates or any additional offers that may be made to NAEP Members.

Help us to keep in touch with you by keeping us updated with any changes to your contact details by contacting Debra Attwood on the details below.

For information/payment and invoice queries contact Debra Attwood our Membership Administrator by e-mail by clicking on the following link: Debra Attwood or call her on 07753 859 380

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